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Product Code: IC-MH8 ICSY MH2M

Description Features
The iC-MH8 is an integrated Hall encoder for sensing the angular position of a diametral magnet. The amplified Hall voltages are available as complementary analog sine and cosine signals with regulated 1 Vpp differential amplitude.

The interpolator can be set to binary interpolation factors from 1 to 1024 to achieve up to 4096 angle steps per revolution. ABZ quadrature signals up to a rate of 2 MHz are available at the incremental outputs, permitting 120 000 rpm at the highest resolution. The position of the index pulse Z is adjustable.

For block commutation pins U, V and W provide three phaseshiftet output signals. The starting angle is freely definable over a revolution. Brushless motors with 1, 2 or 4 pole pairs of poles can be operated. The incremental and commutation outputs are RS422 compatible and can be adjusted in output current and slew rate.

Using the serial interface the output data can be transmitted serially and allows also access to the internal memory of iC-MH8. The configuration and internal parameters can then be stored permanently in a zapping diode based ROM.

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