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Product Code: IC-PV-EVAL-PV1D

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The device iC-PV is an ultra low power magnetic multiturn encoder with up to 40 bit multiturn and 3 bit singleturn resolution. The multiturn position is acquired by a signal path with battery-buffered power supply. Therefore the iC-PV counts the correct multiturn position even on main power failure. Together with an additional singleturn encoder IC (e.g. iC-MHM, iCLG, iC-LNB, etc.) and a diametrically magnetized cylindrical permanent magnet it forms a complete multiturn encoder system. Depending on the used singleturn IC, a second magnetic or optical code disc might be mandatory. Furthermore the iC can function as a 3 bit parallel encoder to build a multiturn encoder system in combination with a microcontroller and an optional singleturn device.

The Hall signal processing stage is designed for ultra low power application and can be configured to support angular accelerations up to 500 000 rad/s2 at a maximum speed of 12 000 rpm. With higher demands on acceleration, the power consumption increases. The maximum supported acceleration is configurable,  therefore an optimal trade-off between power consumption and supported acceleration can be individually chosen to meet the demands of the target application. iC-PV reads its configuration from an external EEPROM over an I2C-interface with multi-master support. Among others, the bitlength for multiturn and  synchronization data, the interface mode, the maximum supported acceleration and the usage of error or parity bits can be configured.

The configuration read-in is triggered by the preset pin PRE. A pulse on this pin resets the device and reads a new configuration from EEPROM. The multiturn counter is preset to a configurable value (default 0). The configuration RAM and multiturn counter value are protected against bit errors by an 8 bit polynomial cyclic redundancy check. Additionally, an error is produced on excessive speed or acceleration. An integrated battery monitor can be used to signalize low battery voltage as an error. A detected error is displayed over output NERR and is observable as an error bit in the SSI communication protocol.

While providing this wide range of functionality, the iC-PV multiturn encoder comes in a space-saving QFN16 package. This facilitates its integration in existing encoder system or the design of new small encoders.

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