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iC-TW4 QFN24 4x4
iC-TW4 QFN24 4x4
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iC-TW4, operating on single-ended supplies of 3.3 V to 5 V, is a low cost interpolation device featuring an automatic signal conditioning and differential encoder quadrature outputs for cable drive. The chip is pin configured with four external resistors and needs no micro controller or EEPROM for operation or configuration. An adaptive algorithm is used to automatically cancel sensor and input amplifier offset voltages, therefore eliminating the need for cumbersome system calibration. The pin configuration selects for the inter polation between factors of x2 and x64, and adapts the input gain to cope with differential sensor signals between 10 m Vpp to 1.5 Vpp. The inter polation engine accepts two differential sinusoidal input signals (sine and cosine) to produce a highly interpolated incremental output signal. Sensor bridges are directly interfaced with no external components required.iC-TW4 can also operate on single-ended input signals when tying the negative input terminals to the signal reference, usually VDD/2. The index gating inputs can interface a wide range of index sensors, a Hall switch or MR bridge sensor, for instance. iC-TW4 generates the index pulse for every sine/cosine signal period that is released by the gating signal. The pulse output is one increment wide and is located at the positive crossover of the A versus the B inputs. By swapping pins PINA and NINA or pins PINB and NINB it is possible to achieve any desired phase relationship of the Z output versus the A and B outputs, respectively. The device also supports a variety of test modes for device verification and production test. A built in power-on-reset circuit keeps the device in reset mode until the applied power supply voltage permits reliable operation.

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